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ProfitFuel and Employees Celebrate Summertime with Family Picnic
ProfitFuel and Employees Celebrate Summertime with Family Picnic
ProfitFuel and hosted their annual Summer Family Picnic this past weekend at Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest District Park. The feedback we've received so far has been great!We started the picnic off with beverages and laughs as people were arriving. The kids had their own area set up, complete with toys, games, music, candy, face painting and a snow cone machine. We didn't forget about the adults either. We also had a myriad of prizes to give away to the employees in attendance, all of which went to some very happy attendees.The food was amazing too. We had jalapeno brats, Kentucky-rubbed chicken and pork, and an avocado pesto pasta salad for the main course, followed by some homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert.It was wonderful to see so many employees and their families out in the sun enjoying the day together. We are certainly looking forward to next year!
Tags: benefit com company employee event family outrank picnic profitfuel speichern Implements Video Interview Technology Implements Video Interview Technology
A new video hiring system put into place at allows more of the hiring team to evaluate each candidate. The video interview system is a perfect example of’s dedication to being a forward-thinking, high-tech leader.
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Party Barge, Here We Come: How Celebrates the Summer
Party Barge, Here We Come: How Celebrates the Summer
Since we made the Austin Business Journal's Best Places to Work list once again, we will be taking our ProfitFuel family on the Lake Travis Party Boat this summer to celebrate! The Lake Travis Party Barge is one of the most popular traditions at ProfitFuel and, and we hope to continue to do it for many years to come.
Tags: benefits com employee outrank party profitfuel summer work barge speichern
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