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Sleep Without Sheep - Learning To Relax
Sleep Without Sheep - Learning To Relax
If you’ve used hypnosis for insomnia, and you're still having trouble sleeping, chances are you’re like most people; traditional forms of hypnosis just won’t work for you. Why? Because sleep problems usually arise in the unconscious mind, and the conscious mind usually blocks simple post-hypnotic suggestions. For most of us, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are much more successful because they bypass the conscious resistance experienced by most people.
Tags: disorders hypnosis hypnotherapist hypnotism hypnotist i insomnia nlp sleep treatment disturbance speichern
#1 Health Career in 2010
#1 Health Career in 2010
New England Institute of Hypnotherapy offers award-winning Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification programs online and through distance learning; our successful graduates earn $150+ per Hypnotherapy session.
Tags: certified classes clinical courses hypnosis hypnotherapy school self training hypnotherapist neih speichern
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