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Red Ginseng Tea Gold
Red Ginseng Tea Gold
<strong>Description: </strong><BR> <BR><P>Hansamin Red Ginseng Tea contains red ginseng extract aged over 6 years. Red Ginseng Tea is full of vitamin C and licorice roots that are great for helping against fatigue. </P><BR><STRONG>How to take:</STRONG> <BR><BR>2-3 times per day. 2-3g per serving.<BR>Mix in a cup of hot water. Honey or other sweetening products can be added for further flavor. <BR>Ingredients : Red Ginseng Powder <BR>100% (Main root 70%, End fine root 30%)</p><p><strong>Caution before taken:</strong> </p><UL> <LI>The tea is based on adult servings so quantity may differ according to age and physical conditions. <LI>The product is recommended to be taken with water. Contact consumer counseling with higher dosage. Keep out of reach of children.</LI></UL><p><BR></p>
Tags: drinks ginseng green korean tea teas with speichern
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