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Red Ginseng Tea Gold
Red Ginseng Tea Gold
<p><strong>Amount in Grams</strong></p> <p>Amount in grams: 3g x 50 packs, 100 packs</p> <br /> <p><strong>Product Description</strong></p> <p> Red Ginseng Tea Gold is one of the most potent ginseng tonics available in the market today. It's been in use for centuries as a way to ward off unwanted diseases and ailments. Red Ginseng Tea contains red ginseng extract aged over 6 years. Red Ginseng Tea contains vitamin C and licorice root extract. Its scientific name, Panax ginseng, is derived from the Greek phrase ?panax? which means ?all heal." Greeks are known for their athleticism, yet they still relied on ginseng to enhance their performance during sports. Red Ginseng Tea Gold also improves vitality and memory as well as strengthen the immune system. The Chinese and Greeks have been using it for centuries now. Over in the West, scientists have been researching the different ways that we can use ginseng in a way that would benefit us. From their research, they discovered that it could help to reduce stress and help us to think more clearly and be more alert. Take a sip today. </p><p><strong>How to Take</strong></p> <p> The best way to drink Red Ginseng Tea Gold is to dip the tea bags in hot or warm water for a couple of minutes. If the taste is too strong for you, it is advised that you add sweeteners in order to neutralize the taste. Ginseng is a very potent herb and while sweeteners like honey syrup add flavor to the tea, the effects of ginseng remain strong. Consume 3 cups a day.</p> <p><strong>Consumption for Certain Products</strong></p> <p> Since Red Ginseng Tea Gold is a very intense and energizing drink, it?s best to consume in moderation. It stimulates the senses and can give you that jolt you need whenever engaging in strenuous activities. With this in mind, it is best to drink Red Ginseng Tea Gold in the morning rather in the evening. This will allow your body to utilize the effects of ginseng throughout the day.</p><p><strong>Product Content and Ingredients</strong></p> <p> Red ginseng Tea ingredient : Red ginseng extract10% , glucose, vitamin C</p>
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